Question:  What is Drill & Fill?
Answer:  Drill & Fill is when we are allowed to drill into concrete or asphalt. We drill a hole in the surface then pound our stakes into the ground to tie off our tents. When we take the tent down we pull the stakes then fill the holes with a concrete or asphalt filler.

Question:  Can a tent be setup without using stakes?
Answer:  Yes, we use weights & plates. The weights are sandbags, concrete blocks, or 55 gallon plastic barrels filled with water. The plates have a smaller pipe welded on one end for the legs to slide over and a hook at the other end of the plate to attach the tie down straps to.

Question:  How much room around a tent do you need when sitting up the tent?
Answer:  About 3’ all around the tent. This allows for pounding stakes, using weights, or rising up the tent.

Question:  How do I know what size tent I need?
Answer:  We use our size chart that is on our web page.  It will tell you how many chair will fit in each tent, also how many 8’ banquet tables verses how many 5’ round tables will fit in each tent.

Question:  Do your tents have poles in the middle of them?
Answer:  At this time we are not doing pole tents so our tents do not have poles in the middle of them.

Question:  what styles of tents do you carry?
Answer:   We carry two types of tents. Frame tents and oval dome tents.

Question:  How many legs do your tents have?
Answer:  On the 20x and 40x frame tents, there is a leg every 20’ all around the tent.  On the 30x frame tents, there is a leg every 15’ all around the tent.  On the oval dome tents, there is a leg every 10’ on both sides of the tent.



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